Top iPhone apps for 2010!

Published: 14th January 2011
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Year 2010 is about to get over with a series of astonishing events taking place all over the year and great technological yields in the field of communications which created, crafted and deployed vital propositions of life and its settlements surrounded by the aura of technology in the predominant era of communication.

In the proficient technology communication ventures and out and out innovative approaches in the telecom segment Smart Phones made mustered great response from the fraternity of communication by positioning their potential worth as the most advance, diligent and sophisticated proponents of communication.

iPhone made the most out of this significant upturn in the prolific phase of Smart Phone and made its presence count and cashed the season with the insightful launch of its application portfolios segregated in varied dynamics of promising value leads.

The included application matrix conveyed business and benefits in the most comprehensive pattern and identifiable theme which included Overall Paid iPhone Apps, Overall Free iPhone Apps, Overall Grossing iPhone Apps, Overall Paid iPad Apps, Overall Free iPad Apps and Overall Grossing iPad Apps.

With that being said, the App Store is highlighting its top apps of 2010 in several different categories. Though there were many closer to them but what being deductively reached upon were no less than the surprise applications as being acknowledged by the users. Apple had the top three highest grossing iPad apps for 2010 with its iWorks suite in the category ‘Productive’ (Pages, Numbers, and Keynote).

Angry Birds ruled many lists, but it actually wasn’t the highest grossing iPhone app for the year. That title goes to MLB Baseball. Apple’s own iBooks was the top free iPad app this year. Amazon’s similar Kindle app was eighth on the list.

Overall ‘Top 10 paid’ iPhone Apps would be highly interpreted as the apps generation definers and would be defining the substance and deliberations of iPhone applications development for the approaching terms of system alliances in communications and its upfront phases. The top notch iPhone apps for 2010 are Angry Birds, Doodle Jump – BE WARNED: Insanely Addictive!, Skee-Ball, Bejeweled 2 + Blitz, Fruit Ninja, Cut the Rope, ALL-IN-1 GAMEBOX, The Moron Test, Plants vs. Zombies and Pocket God.

Among the most downloaded, or rather most liked free apps for the year 2010 would be Facebook, Angry Birds Lite, Words with Friends Free, Skype, Tap Tap Revenge 3, The Weather Channel®, Paper Toss, Bing, ROCK BAND FREE and Talking Tom Cat.

Registered as the Top 10 grossing iPhone Apps for the year would have At Bat 2010, Angry Birds, Call of Duty: Zombies as the top three in the segment as per the US market data. Following them in the line of high grossing apps would have the gaming apps Bejeweled 2 and Blitz together at the no. 4 slot, on the 5th pedestal is much deserving FriendCaller 3 Pro followed by Zombie Farm, TomTom U.S.A., the renowned game app TETRIS® and Plants vs. Zombies on no. 9 with Doodle Jump – BE WARNED: Insanely Addictive!, ending the list of top grossing iPhone applications of the year 2010.

Serving the terms of most empowering entity of Smart Phone communication, iPhone apps impressed the entire telecom fraternity with the claims they registered whether characterized by the quality they fostered or the scores they negotiated for being at the top of the smart phone application dynamics entirely.

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